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For safe, reliable and prompt movement of patients from one location to another, look no further than Diamond Helix Medical Assistance. In a tragic case of unexpected/sudden illness; you shouldn’t be caught unawares and for this reason, Diamond Helix Medical Assistance runs a medical emergency evacuation service often referred to as MEDVAC. Our MEDVAC service offers cost effective options to move patients to any location both locally or internationally via land or air with ease.

For safe, reliable and prompt movement of patients from one location to another, look no further than Diamond Helix Medical Assistance. In a tragic case of unexpected/sudden illness; you shouldn’t be caught unawares and for this reason, Diamond Helix Medical Assistance runs a medical emergency evacuation service often referred to as MEDVAC. Our MEDVAC service offers cost effective options to move patients to any location both locally or internationally via land or air with ease.


The most common features of our corporate wellness programs include:


Diamond Helix Medical Assistance delivers prompt and efficient conference management services to Medical Organizations and Governments, agencies and Multinational organizations..

We know that planning a conference is a very demanding task, which is usually taken up by a committee. The Local Organizing Committees for most medical conferences consist of medical consultants and other healthcare professionals with relatively busy schedules that can be difficult to juggle with conference planning and coordination.

At Diamond Helix Medical Assistance, our experienced events team can partner with you to bring your event vision to life. Having successfully organized multiple national and West African conferences, our team has developed a unique and exclusive diamond strategy, which is sure to make your event a success. As your medical events consultant, Diamond Helix Medical Assistance will:

  1. Develop a clear and market friendly vision for your conference (conference scope with measurable goals and objectives)
  2. Draw up a realistic budget
  3. Venue and vendor management
  4. Build conference website
  5. Source for sponsorship/donations
  6. Recommend and invite appropriate facilitators and special guests
  7. Manage registrants
  8. Plan and manage on-site details
  9. Manage exhibitions, advert placements and presentations
  10. Endemic /Epidemic/Pandemic disease prevention

Diamond Helix requires a minimum of six-month notice as well as a signed agreement prior to the scheduled date of event in order to develop and plan a diamond standard conference/meeting.


    1.Society of Gynaecology and Obstetrics of Nigeria (SOGON):

  • SOGON LAGOS (NOV. 2013)
  • SOGON ASABA (NOV. 2014)
  • SOGON ABUJA (NOV. 2015)
  • SOGON AKURE (OCT. 2016)

2.Delta State Government.

3.National Council on Health (NCH).

  • NCH UYO (OCT. 2014)
  • NCH ABIA (DEC. 2016) currently ongoing.

4.Nigerian Medical Association (NMA):


5.The West African Confederation of Societies of Anesthetists (WACSA):


6.Critical Care Society of Nigeria (CCSN):

  • CCSN LAGOS (JUNE 2017, in view)


  • Philanthropic individuals
  • Corporate Local and Foreign partners:
    • Laboratory/Hospital Equipment dealers … General Electric, JNC International, Mogbonju, Coscharis, Crown Healthcare, Swiss Biostadt, 3M Healthcare, Phillips Healthcare amongst others
    • Pharmaceutical Companies… Alpha Pharmacy & Stores, Pfizer, MERCK, Abbott, Biofem Group and GSK amongst others
  • Private and Public/Government agencies, e.g Chevron, Shell, Federal Ministry of Health amongst others
  • Non-Governmental Organizations e.g Society for Family Health and IPAS, USAID amongst others


Diamond Helix Medical Assistance (DHMA) has developed the capability to perform a wide spectrum of services for the planning, management and coordination of equipment for Hospital construction projects. Our in-house presence and knowledge of standardized medical equipment in the medical center allows us to identify and provide appropriate services at the right time, DHMA will perform following support services


The first step for establishing a healthcare facility is the preparation of a comprehensive Business Plan. We carry out a comprehensive primary market and secondary market analysis on the demographics, disease patterns and trends, market segments, demand and supply dynamics, which serves as the basis for hospital planning and setting up of the facility

The clinical services are formulated to suit current and future market needs. The services are also chosen based on their viability.

The medical equipment and human resource needs are assessed and a plan to acquire them is laid out. All the above details along with the estimated project costs and financial forecasts are presented in a detailed project report (DPR) which forms the basis for taking the project forward.


We assist in hospital planning and hospital design according to international standards and contemporary design parameters. The hospital designs and drawings are reviewed based on the departments, patient flow, adequateness for other services and management ease. We bring in our vast experience to ensure that the design enhances the effectiveness and efficiency of the facility at optimal cost.


Diamond Helix Medical Assistance has significant experience in medical equipment planning and procurement and has relationship with all the major medical equipment companies in West Africa. The medical equipment advisory services are spread across three broad categories

  • Medical Equipment Planning
  • Selection and procurement assistance and
  • Site preparation, installation and commissioning


The Information Technology and Telemedicine consulting services include the assessment of the Information technology & telemedicine needs of the facility and deployment of the right solutions. We assist in formulation of requirement specifications for software, hardware and networking and selection and procurement of the software. We ensure that the facility is equipped with the latest technologies with an eye on the future

Commissioning and start-up assistance

Pre-launch activities

  • Inputs in obtaining completion certificate
  • Formulation and arrangement of operational policies and procedures
  • Assist the development and implementation of marketing plan
  • Assist in Tariff fixation

Service Delivery

Procurement and Outsourcing

  • Guidance in sourcing and finalizing outsourced service
  • Guidance and inputs in procurement of start-up consumables, materials, drugs etc

Policy Documents

Support Services / Utilities

  • Support in integration of utilities and support services into the hospital
  • Implement the “Clinical Excellence Model”
  • Quality Initiatives for JCI, ISO
  • Performance improvement and patient safety systems and OHS
  • Medical Staff document including ethics and conflict of interest polic
  • Materials management
  • Risk Management (including insurance needs)
  • Leadership & Governance (to be jointly developed with the Board of Directors of Client)
  • Clinical governance

Medical & Administrative Review

  • Review of the processes and protocols of the hospital operations
  • Advice and assist the proposed hospital in overcoming the short falls if any during such reviews/audit by giving recommendations and corrective measures

Training and Development

  • Conduct training programs for the Clinical teams of the proposed hospital in selected Clinical disciplines

Clinical Managementv Review

  • Develop clinical performance improvement and monitoring templates

Reporting Standards

  • Develop reporting standards for stake holders/ Promoter Board, DHMA, Advisory Committee and such other top management members, committees on a need based methodology.

Within the scope of our “service contract”, DHMA shall perform tasks related to the following areas

  1. Set-up of a Management Structure
  2. Development of Operations Manuals & Policies
  3. Quality & Accreditation Support
  4. Human Resource Management Support
  5. Finance Management and Tariff Fixation
  6. Management Information System and Reporting
  7. Supplies, Pharmaceuticals &Equipment, including Maintenance Management
  8. Internal Medical Audit
  9. Transfer of Knowledge and Service Continuity Obligations
  10. Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting

Within the context of the service, DHMA would provide the following:

  1. Standard Operation Manual, which includes:
    1. Medical Services
    2. Nursing Services
    3. Emergency Services and Operation Theatres
    4. Laboratory Services
    5. Diagnostic Services (X-Ray, Ultrasonography, etc)
    6. Drugs and Medicaments
    7. Support Services (Laundry, Catering, Cleaning & Hygiene, etc)
    8. Other Services.
  2. Quality Assurance Committee and Monitoring
  3. Joint Survey Committee
  4. Patient Safety Manual
  5. Procurement Policies
  6. Storage System
  7. Consumables Standards
  8. Reporting System
  9. Service Providers Database
  10. Waste Management
  11. Maintenance Master plan for infrastructure and equipment
  1. Set-up of a Management Structure

    DHMA shall help put together “a best-in-class” team of management experts assigned to oversee the overall hospital operation and day-to-day management.

    Diamond Helix Medical Assistance Ltd may carry out activities jointly with it’s partner(s) . These management experts will develop and apply appropriate management practices, including regular team meetings, time management, goal setting, internal decision making, monitoring, evaluation, reporting, etc.

  2. Development of Operations Manual & Policies

    DHMA shall develop an “Operational Manual” which shall be reviewed and updated periodically, at least annually.

    The “Operations Manual” shall describe the functions, procedures and regulations of the following operational units:

    • Provision of Medical Services
    • Provision of Nursing Services
    • Provision of Pharmaceuticals Services
    • Human Resource Plan
    • Manpower Deployment Plan
    • Building capacity and Training Plan
    • Financial Management
    • Management Information System
    • Supplies & Equipment Management
    • Quality Management
    • Strategic Planning, Risk Management and Governance
  3. Quality & Accreditation Support

    DHMA shall aim to develop the capacity of the hospital in regards to management and service delivery up to the highest possible standards, as a matter of fact preparing the hospital for JCI, ISO certification and accreditation under any of the Ministry of Health’s health service provider accreditation scheme that might evolve at a later stage.

  4. Human Resource Management Support

    DHMA will set up human resource management department in the hospital that applies modern human resource management principles in a transparent and efficient way. Recruitment, remuneration, career development and training of all hospital staff shall be guided by the principles of transparency and reward of performance.

    Initially DHMA shall develop a manpower deployment plan that based on the required qualifications and staff recruitment needs for the whole pool of hospital staff in alignment with the policies set by the Ministry of Health..

  5. Finance Management

    Diamond Helix Medical Assistance shall set up a comprehensive system of financial management, including essential functions like budgeting, accounting, internal controlling and audit, etc, and put in place all necessary regulations, procedures and controls to ensure transparent and sound financial management based on the national applicable laws.

    DHMA shall develop annual business plan for the hospital, including break-even, clear performance and output targets, an annual budget, projections for investments needs, etc., and discuss these with the relevant partner’s authority for approval.

  6. Management Information System

    A Management Information System should be developed for both the medical services and non-medical services. The design of the system should include the reporting system and computerized retrieval with a system of data analysis.

  7. Management of Medical Supplies and Pharmaceuticals

    DHMA shall develop a system of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals / drug supply management based on the hospital requirements and the available resources.

    The system should include all aspects of management specifying the processes of forecasting; bidding, storage and continuity of supplies, as well as continuous education of medical personnel on rational prescription and use of drugs. Procurement of drugs needs to follow Government procedures, favoring high-quality, low-price generic drugs in wholesale packages.

  8. Internal Medical Audit

    Within the scope of the service, Internal Audit should be integrated within the management routine and shall be conducted on periodic basis. The review shall encompass review of functions of different service departments as well as a medical and ethics committees to ensure appropriate clinical governance.

  9. Transfer of Knowledge and Service Continuity Obligations

    Within the scope of the service and its duration, DHMA shall make every effort to ensure that the capacity of the Management team is built to the required level to sustain competent and successful management of the hospital services after cessation of DHMA’s contract.

    DHMA will develop a plan for service continuity after the end of this service contract, with the aim to ensure sustainability of the hospital’s operation, through a gradual handover of responsibility towards the end of the contract.

  10. Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting

    DHMA shall help maintain an easy-to-access and complete system of records of all correspondence, internal memos, meeting minutes, and other communication related to the contract, which should be fully integrated with the Hospital’s filing system and Management Information System

    DHMA shall help set up the Hospitals Management Information System in a way that allows continuous monitoring of the hospitals functions and services, but also at the same time the execution of this contract.

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